How to apply blush

Hey dolls,

I hope you are all having a lovely day. It’s quite drab here in Auckland so I thought I would do this requested post for you.

I personally love blusher. If I was only allowed 3 things to put on my face every morning I would definitely choose blush as one of them. It brightens up your whole makeup look to make it glow and standout beautifully.  For myself I go towards darker pinks and plum colours as I have dark features and they tend to suit my complexion the best.

1. Choose the type. Powers or cremes?

Powders are good for oily skin, cremes are better for normal to drier skin. Whatever type you use it should suit your natural colouring.


2. Don’t cheap out on brushes!

It is so worth buying a decent set of brushes! Cheapos do not last, the hairs come out, and are not as soft as a higher end product. I personally love the Real Techniques brushes from as the are affordable (like $20 for a set!) and are such great quality. They sell every type of brush you can think of for applying your makeup. The hair is so soft and the blush brush is a perfect size for application. You also have higher end brands such as Mac, Sigma and Sedona Lace was I highly recommend.


3. Apply your blush after you have finished the rest of your makeup as you don’t want anything going over the top of it unless its a translucent powder.

4. If you’re using powder, lightly sweep your brush through the blush and then tap it to remove any excess. If you’re using a cream or gel, dab a little on your ring finger.


5. Do a fish face to apply your blush- you might look silly but it’s the best way to see your cheekbones and the apple of your cheeks. Don’t smile, that bring your cheeks up, and can make your blush to low

6. Apply the blush to the center of the apple on one side of your face, blending the color along your cheekbone. If you’re using a cream or gel, dot the color first, then use your finger or a sponge to blend it in. For the most natural look, always concentrate the color on the apples of your cheeks and blend well. And before blending, always dust off the excess to avoid excessively rosy cheeks.


7. Repeat on your other cheek, taking care to match the placement and color of the blush on both cheeks. Aim for symmetry.

8. Dust your face with a translucent powder to set your new look. The translucent powder brings inner warmth into the cheeks.



DIY Beauty Vanity

Hey ladies, I have had a few requests to check out my beauty vanity especially on “makeup obsessives” -the group I have mentioned previously where we share all things beauty related. This what I have come up with in the mean time before I purchase a beautiful vintage vanity that I have my eye on. All girls need a special space where they can beautify themselves!

I used an existing long mirror glass table and mirror from my house- My clear makeup draws are purchased from, only $35 with free shipping! It can take a couple of weeks to arrive but its worth it as makeup boxes like these can cost a couple of hundred dollars! I do need another one though as my collection is becoming quite large.  I love my gold skull brush holders which I purchased from Cotton On for $12 bargain! perfect for my brush collection and my love of skulls. My small double sided mirror is from the Body Shop for $25 which works great for my eye makeup and any closeups. I hope you enjoy and would love for you to send me your DIY vanities girls. email, i’d love to hear from you! If you would like to know where I purchased any of my makeup just message me. xx






August Favourites

Hey dolls

Thank you to everyone following my blog, it means alot, i’m so so thankful! It’s all for you! I decided to do my first “favourites” blog as I have been collecting quite a few items lately and wanted to pick a few that I definitely recommend and use on a daily basis. These items range from quite pricey to very cheap as I like to use all types of makeup brands and experiment with my makeup and beauty products.


Clinique Is one of my favourite foundations, up there with Mac Studio Fix. It has such a smooth, silky texture when applying and has medium to full coverage without any “cakey” effect. It feels like you have next to nothing on your skin. No more lines as it blends in perfectly. It is quite long wearing and with a primer it is even better. It is quite pricey but one I don’t mind spending the money on. I have tried out so many different foundations from cheap to expensive and this is one of my picks for sure.


NYX HD Studio Primer is amazing! For a low-mid range primer this is well worth it. I purchased this from for $19 which I think is well worth it. It goes on so smooth and almost leaves a moisturized feeling after application. The liquid is white but drys clear. You only need a small amount so this will last a fair while. I have definitely noticed my foundation stays on longer with this primer on underneath.


The Betty Lou Manizer is one of my favourite products out of my whole collection. It is such a stunnng face highlighter which I have been looking for for so long! It is a gorgeous peachy shimmer without looking like you have decorated your cheeks in glitter. It highlights your cheeks perfectly over your bronzer. I recently realised you can use it as a eyeshadow as well. Its a perfect base for any eye makeup. It is made by The Balm and as I have mentioned in my other posts they are animal and cruelty free which is great t support. 10/10


This Mac blush speaks for it’self. This is Mocha. A perfect rosey pink and works perfectly with my complexion and skintone. My fave blush I own.


This YSL is to DIE FOR! My first lippy by YSL and I didn’t mind the price as it was worth it. As you will know YSL is a high end product and it certainly lives up to their reputation. It’s so pigmented, silky smooth application and lasts for hours! I adore the packaging too! The perfect nude pink. This is the colour Rouge Volupte. 8/10


Babette by Limecrime is their latest lippy and one of their best from the collection. It is the “peach cousin” to Croquette which is more of a nude. As I have mentioned in my previous Limecrime swatch post I adore these lippys and vegan & cruelty free. To learn more see my first blog.







The above pics are me wearing all my Aug faves. What are yours? Thanks for reading dolls. Make sure to follow me. Any requests and comments are appreciated


The perfect brows

Afternoon ladies, hope everyone is having a perfect friday! I have had a few requests to show how I do my eyebrows and what products I use to enhance and shape them, even though theres no real secret! Every girl has different shape brows so this is just a guide to help you with your own. To honest up until a few months ago I hardly plucked my eyebrows let alone filled them in and shaped them. It wasn’t untill I started watching You Tube gurus that I couldn’t believe I wasn’t up with the play. I recently joined a group called “Makeup Obsessives” on Facebook where we all share our beauty tips, daily makeup pics and help each other out with everything makeup and beauty related. It’s such a good forum for ideas and you always end up thinking you need products that you didn’t even know existed!

Here is how I do my eyebrows- Please keep in mind I am self taught and not a professional. Hope it helps! 🙂

I use the Elf Brow kit. I purchased this after many good reviews and I swear by it. Before this I was using dark eyeshadow to fill in my brows haha!


The first step is to apply the dark wax onto your brows (on the left side of the palette) This pigmented wax will help define and shape the brow. Image

Next apply the colour complementing setting powder (right side of the palette) that fills in the rest of the brow and gives them that perfected, arched look.


To complete the look I use to Elf wet gloss lash and brow mascara. It helps set your brow hairs so you don’t have any strays and keep them looking fab all day long. This is a clear gel so it can be applied straight on top of the Elf brow powder. I personally love this. It gives my brows a perfect defined line and shape. It is not sticky and does exactly what it’s suppose to. Also I love the Elf makeup range as none of their products are tested on animals.



Tips for the perfect brow-

1. Find your natural arch.

B corresponds to where your natural arch is, while A and C refer to where your eyebrow should begin and end. Following this diagram is essential for well-maintained and natural brows.


2. Keep it natural! Work with what you naturally have. No one wants a face that looks like you’ve painted on your brows with a paintbrush or plucked so much you have nothing to work with.

3.  Use brow products to enhance your look and keep them looking fabulous. I recommend Elf and all their products are cheap, bonus!

Choosing the perfect pink

It can be quite challenging finding the perfect pink lippy especially to match your skin tone. Warm skin tones work with rich pinks such as fuchsia where pale complexions best suit beige pinks, nude pinks and pale rose tones. Medium skin tones are lucky and mostly suit any shade of pink. From light to brown pinks and magentas. Dark complexions mean you have more pigment in your lip colour meaning you want to avoid very light shades. Dark pinks and purple pinks are for you!

My august pick is definitely Flirty Fuchsia by BYS. It’s such a gorgeous bright, bold pink- is long lasting and the application is very smooth. I give it a 7/10.







Limecrime Lovin !

Hey dolls,

I have started this beauty blog as like mostly every other girl in  the world I love makeup, skin care and all things beauty related!   There’s nothing better than strolling through blogs, watching your favourite YOUTUBE gurus and trying to recreate and learn all the tricks of the trade. I am self taught and no way near professional haha. I would just like to share what I do, what products I use and hopefully can help and inspire others out there. So slap on some red lippy and follow me!

Limecrime is amazing- Good pigmentation, smooth application, long wearing, bold colours and most importantly not tested on animals. Any makeup products that are cruelty free are great in my eyes!

Below im wearing L-R Coquette, Geradium, Babette, Centrifuchsia and  Suedeberry Velvetines.

Included is the products I used to create this look. x