Hey beauties,

Well what a year 2013 was and i’m sure this one will be the best yet! I recently got engaged to my partner of 8 years (high school sweethearts :P) and I couldn’t be happier. Ah the wedding plans commence! We are moving to Sydney on the 1st March to persue our careers so that’s also very exciting for us. I had a small dinner to celebrate with my closest friends last night so I wanted my makeup to be romantic and glowing. After being gifted the amazing Cindylou-Manizer I couldn’t think of a better highlight to use! I love peachy tones so this made my blush really stand out and give a nice glow to my skin. Cindylou is a subtle highlighter for your face and is the peach version to the Gold Marylou-Manizer. It can also be used as a eyeshadow and I find looks great in the inner corner of your eye to really make your eyes pop.

Please send photos through of your own looks as I love seeing recreations or requests are also welcome! 

HB xx






Products Used- The Balm and NYX can be purchased at


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