Halloween Looks

Hi Dolls,

Sorry for the lack in posts lately, I have been sick and swamped with work! But i’m back! Halloween is definitely one of my favourite events of the year, even though in little old NZ it isn’t a big thing. This year I vow to go all out! Here are 2 looks that I have created for some inspiration for you lovely ladies

Ice Princess

1385499_518382518254205_342922855_nProducts used- Revlon Colourstay Foundation, NYX Milk Jumbo pencil, LA Girl eyeshadw palette, Lime Crime croquette lipstick, MAC Pro longwear concealer, ELF black liquid eyeliner.

Rose and thorn

IMG_8330Products used- Revlon Age rewind foundation, Sleep cherry lipstick, Mac Mocha blush, Elf liquid eyeliner, Maybelline black eyeliner, Sleek AU Naturel palette, Dior mascara, Mac Pro Longwear concealer

Happy Halloween! I’d love you to send me your creations! 

Harlow Beauty xx


September Haul

Happy sunday ladies,

The more I get into my blog the more I feel like I have to build my collection up and let’s face it a girl can never have too much makeup! There’s always something new to try and thats what I love about the beauty industry. I have been trying such a range of products lately that I’m finally getting to know exactly what products are good for my skin and what ones stand out among the rest. 

ImageIMG_7790I was lucky enough to be sent these gorgeous goodies from http://www.makeup.co.nz/range, an awsome NZ makeup and beauty site selling a range of different products such as Sigma, The Balm, Lioele and Sleek. An extra bonus this month this month is that there is free shipping within NZ till the end of september! As everyone knows I am a huge fan of The Balm. I previously had no blushes out of their collection so I was super excited when I received these. I have Frat Boy and Cabana Boy, each as amazing as eachother. Personally Cabana Boy is my favourite because I have dark hair,dark features and this deep rose pink suits my skin tone better. It reminds me alot of Mac Mocha actually. I also received Red Velvet from Lime Crime, another favourite of mind. I already have Suedeberry, the lighter orange red of the collection so I’m loving this gorgeous deep red and how matte it drys on your lips.


Sleek review in my previous blog post


I was lucky enough to be sent this little package of goodness by a kiwi You Tuber Karena- http://www.youtube.com/user/Kiwichicklovesbeauty. She has nearly 3,000 subscribers and definitely deserves more. She is a fellow New Zealander who does reviews, hauls, giveaways etc . She is a lovely, genuine person and I highly recommend subscribing to her! I love the ultra min OPI nail polish- I feel like she read my mind when sending me this as I love natural, everyday colours especially lilac tones. I am yet to try the other products so once  have a full review will be up, watch this space!

IMG_7793 IMG_7795

I wanted to try out some things from the Covergirl range because I never had before. The Warehouse was having a 20% off sale so I thought why not. I had no idea to go for so I just grabbed a foundation, eyeshadow and 2 lippys. I was sceptical about the lipsticks because normally cheaper drugstore ones arn’t very good but i was pleasantly surprised. They are quite pigmented and went on very smoothly. I was a bit disapointed when opening what I thought was a pink rose colour but its actually a metallic purple which I don’t quite suit. You can even see the difference in colour in the pic above. Im loving the coral orange though! The eyeshadow stick is stunning. One side has a light nuetral bronze and the other a darker outer corner bronze to create a perfect smokey eye. It’s pretty much all you need instead of using 4-5 colours from one palette. I will make sure I put up a picture of an eye makeup I create using this.

If you read my previous posts you will know i’m a huge Chi Chi Fan. The lipsticks especially are in my top 3. I choose matte because I love the look it gives on my lips, soft and smooth and the colour range is gorgeous. Im a sucker for cute packaging and these are the bomb!

L-R: Bimbo, Hollywood Wannabe, You had me at hello, Turn me on

IMG_7755 IMG_7768 IMG_7770

Turn me onIMG_7756 IMG_7777

You had me at helloIMG_7772 IMG_7774 IMG_7776



I received my first Sleek makeup package on saturday which only took a week to arrive from the states. After hearing such good things about their products I decided to try them out for myself and I am so happy with what I purchased. All of the products are very affordable which is a huge plus for me. Shipping is also very reasonable, especially since it only takes a week to arrive to you. What stood out to me the most is the Au Naturel Palette. The palette contains 12 colours; 4 shimmer and 8 matte colours. Both palettes have a sponge applicator but I like to use my own brushes. I like how each colour is named which they never used to be in their older palettes. Surprisingly, the Matte colours are not as amazing as the shimmery or iridescent colours. I don’t really blame them because it is not easy to make a very pigmented matte eyeshadow. The only slight disappointment with this is that the lighter tones are not as pigmented as I’d have hoped. Swatching them was quite tricky and took a few swipes to build up.



The two lipsticks I purchased are Fuchsia and cherry. I especially love cherry as I’ve been looking for a classic deep deep red for so long that isn’t the typical red. It is a brown red and I adore it. The lipsticks are smaller than I thought they would be. They are quite short and wide which is quite different to normal lipsticks. Great pigmentation though and long lasting. I heard great things about the matte lipglosses so i purchased Matte Me in Birthday Suit. I normally don’t wear lipgloss often but because these are matte I had to try them out. I love the colour as I wanted a nude tone to wear everyday. It is smooth, applies well and lasts hours!



The blushes are just adorable. I wish they had more of a selection because I would buy them all! I got Flamingo and Rose Gold and both i’m very happy with. Flamingo is quite a bright pink and stands out compared to Rose Gold which is softer and has a slight gold tinge to it which I personally love-almost a highlight. The only bad point I have about them as like the lippys they are smaller than expected, but i’m sure will still last a while. 





Girls Night Makeup

Every girl knows the icing on the cake to a perfect night time look is her makeup. Be different, experiment and don’t be affraid of bold lips. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty. Here are some tips to turn your day time makeup into a killer girls night out look. 

Enhance your eyes with some gorgeous full lashes. There are so many varieties on the market these days, from over the top glamour to hardly noticeable and natural. This adds more attention to the eye and a bit of flirty fun. My personal favourite are Red Cherry Lashes that can be purchased at Blush Baby http://www.blushbabynz.com with free shipping within NZ.

A little highlight on your upper cheekbone will catch the light and make your skin look fresh and glowing. Go easy on it though as you do not want to look like your face is oily, especially in photographs. My recommendation is The Balm Mary Loumanizer. You can check our my reviews for this in my previous posts. You can also purchase this at Blush Baby.

Don’t think that just because you are going out you have to automatically reach for your red lipstick. Try something new and fun like a hot pink lip or dark cherry. Not only will it attract atttention, but it will make your teeth look extra white too. Top it off with a clear gloss to make the lips looks fuller and hold the lippy in place.






Lipsticks used are NYX Gardenia & Revlon 008 Candy Pink

The Great Gatsby

Now that i’m on holidays I thought I would start recreating looks by celebrities, eras and people who inspire me. Of course I wanted to start with The Great Gatsby because I love the 1920’s old hollywood glamour look. After all, 1920s was the decade in which our beauty culture was born. With powders, blushes, shadows and lipsticks hitting the mainstream for the first time, women turned to cosmetics to play up their femininity. 

Eyes- Go super smokey. Almost cleopatra like. Eyeliner, heavy mascara and don’t forget a killer pair of lashes. As for the eyebrows go very high, thin, arched and drawn in with pencil to really open up your eyes. 

Lips- Finish off your Great Gatsby makeup with the iconic 1920s cupid bow lip,using a lip liner. This style was very popular among the era’s leading ladies and gave the lip an exaggerated feminine look. Complete the look with a bold, rich lippy shade such a deep plums and reds. 



ImageProducts used:

NYX HD Studio Primer, Revlon Colourstay Foundation, Mac Mocha Blush, Loreal 312 Ravishing Red lippy, Diorshow Iconic mascara, NYX milk jumbo penicl, NYX Matte finishing spray, Sephora mattifying foundation, ELF brow kit, H&M hot sand eyeshadow palette, Maybelline Dream Terra Sun bronzer, ELF Liquid eyeliner, The Balm Nude Tude palette

I’d love to see your recreations for the Gatsby look! Feel free to send me some ladies x



Benefit Haul

Afternoon dolls,

I wanted to write about one of my favourite makeup brands- Benefit. It has been around for years, developed in the United States and has grown into a global beauty brand. I was only introduced to Benefit at the beginning of this year so when I went to Europe in May I took the opportunity to go into Sephora and pick up a few things. 

One thing that instantly draws people into the brand is the gorgeous packaging. It is very “girly” and definitely marketed towards females. Each product has it’s own unique and cute packaging which I’m not going lie I look for when purchasing new products.

Benefit Blushes- Georgia and Dandelion

Benefit blushes can be recognized from miles away just from their unique packaging. The blush is contained in a small carton box. Inside each little box is a small travel size brush that I personally think is a waste of time as I like to use my bigger size brushes for my blush application. I also am not a huge fan of the box as sometimes you can pick it up and the bottom will fall out especially while traveling. This aside they are very pigmented which I was concerned about when purchasing, just because they have had mixed reviews. It does apply nice and smoothly and has a slight shimmer but nothing over the top. 

Benefit Fakeup Concealer

First off, the packaging is gorgeous. It’s extremely eye catching and very fun. Now for the concealer itself. It has good coverage, it’s not suppose to be full coverage so I bare that in mind. I would love for it to have more concealer and less moisturizer. It’s a good concealer but definitely not for anyone with oily skin, luckily I have dry skin personally. The concealer is very blendable. I prefer to use it on my blemishes or pimples and not under my eyes. The smell isn’t the best, kind of smells like old makeup. This was my favorite concealer until I purchased the Mac Pro Longwear concealer!



My top Mac Pick

Mac Pro Longwear concealer


I can’t rave about this enough! It is a medium to full coverage concealer with a matte finish. It suppose to last up to 15 hours. I have tried so many concealers, both drugstore and higher end brands and this is heaven. I have seen mixed reviews about this and was a bit skeptical of buying it at first. It is $40 NZD from Mac and I have never been happier to spend my money. It is certainly well worth it. Previously I was using “Fakeup” by Benefit (which needs less moisturizer and more concealer in it) which I did enjoy but for the same price range Mac is above the rest. The things I do not like about it is the glass bottle- I’m so scared I will drop it and the glass will smash everywhere! Also the pump is quite stiff and more product comes out than needed. It’s perfect for my under-eyes where i struggle with dark circles. I suggest getting 1 shade lighter than your Mac foundation to give your skin that Kim Kardashian highlighting effect. 

To create the best look with the concealer I definitely recommend using a brush. Ideally a synthetic brush as it works with the emollient/fluids. You should have a separate foundation brush which is slightly larger in size than the concealer brush. However to limit the number of options I would recommend MAC brush number 195 being medium in size for perfect concealer application and can be used for liquid foundation as well along with sponge applicator.


Harlowbeauty xo